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We are one of the leading cement trading companies in Turkey.We would like to quote our competitive prices for high quality the Turkish origin cements 42. 5 R-N CEM I , II and III, clinker if you are interested.
Our Company «MERCAN TRADING CO», having wide experience in cement/clinker industry, is functioning as an authorised representative of 12 leading cement factories of Turkey on export of cement to Europe, Russia, Middle East, Afrika, and other countries. We offer to our clients various types and grades of cement, such as OPC CEM I 42.5, CEM II 42.5, CEM II 32.5, CEM IV 32.5, which are in compliance with European Standards CE-EN 197-1. We provide our customers with cement/clinker in 1.5 MT Big Bags, 50 kg bags within 1.5 MT Sling bags, and in bulk, as well, depending on their requests. Alongside with all these, we submit all the documents and certificates required for each shipment (Certificate of Origin, etc.). In order to be sure and for inspection of the quality of the delivered goods, we also submit all the relevant Inspection Reports/Test Certificates to our clients, etc.
For more detailed information about our company, please also refer to our website: www.mercantrading.net

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Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Address: Ankara Cad.34836 Pendik/Istanbul
Phone: + 90 (532) 63-033-50
Mobile phone: + 90 (532) 630-33-50
Fax: + 90 (216) 37-507-50
URL address: http://www.mercantrading.net
Contact person: Ms.Yesim GENCTURK
Position: General President

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